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Thoughts while rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

So through my re-reading of Harry Potter, I thought it would be a good idea to write blog posts of my thoughts while re-reading them. Last month, I posted about re-reading Philosopher's Stone so this month is Chamber of Secrets so let's get started...

1. The Dursleys are back meaner than ever...
2. Poor Hedwig
3. I like sassy Harry.
4. So mischievous Dobby...
5. How do the Dursleys ever accept Harry after he ran away?
6. Seriously Harry is so naive when it comes to Ginny.
7. I would be Harry if I ever went to the Burrow.
8. Harry can't use floo powder. (Why did I even write this, of course, he can't)
9. Lockhart, what are we going to do with you?
10. Why do all the defence of the Dark Arts teachers get destroyed?
11. Why do you feel the need to take a flying car? Like seriously.
12. I still don't know how no one expected it.
13. Snape- sarcastic really?
14. OK, I take that back.
15. So everyone is congratulating them but they did something incredibly stupid.
16. "With the Hufflepuffs" thanks we have been dumbed down to objects.
17. Lockhart needs to be slapped
18. Seriously he needs a slap.
19. Why would Harry want to take the spotlight for being so stupid?
20. Professor Sprout is such a Hufflepuff.
21. Mandrakes are just weird.
22. I feel like the Harry Potter Society Quiz is like Lockhart's pop quiz. Hard I think.
23. Ron knows. Ron knows.
24. Lockhart, you need to stop lying.
25. Quidditch is really quite confusing.
26. Mudbloods is a horrible word it does link to the power of names throughout the series.
27. Ron cares about Hermione.
28. Ron is right about Neville. Does it matter being a pureblood?
29. Think it is really annoying that Hermione's cleverness goes out the window just because she likes Lockhart. *signs*
30. I mean Ron and Harry practically know...
31. Also, it is for plot purposes that they have to make a poly juice potion that takes a month.
32. Percy, you literally took house points away from your own house.
33.Hermione breaking the rules. Never....
34.They literally blame Malfoy for everything.
35.No. Lockhart. No. 
36. I like the way Harry treats Dobby. 
37. Professor Sprout wanted to make scarves and socks for mandrakes. Cute.
38. Why keep it a secret Harry?
39. The plan obviously can't go wrong?!
40. The Slytherin password is pureblood. Surprise!
41. Hermione has a cat tail. Interesting...
42. Moaning Myrtle is literally an emo teen. 
43. Hagrid. No!
44. Also what type of person just writes in a random diary they found down a toilet. How did it survive so long?
45. Lockhart. Lockhart. Lockhart.
46. He literally just told Harry he was a Horcrux.

So that's it...

See you soon, 

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